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We must all travel back in time to May, 1967 [Archives]

Day 1 Session 1

To truly understand the flow of debate taking place in the Historic Security Council, we must all travel back in time to May, 1967, before resolution 242 was passed and the Arab-Israeli war and the Cuban missile crisis were prominent in the world. Two very important agendas, they were voted upon and it was agreed that they should both be discussed, one after the other. In the first session of today, the agenda being discussed was the Arab-Israeli war. The Chairperson of the Executive Board, Pathways World School’s very own Samarth Soni established the basic procedures and rules to be followed in a UNSC, and as formal debate began, we were all transferred to 1967.

After the first update was shared and it was learned that Israel and Syria had been shooting down each other’s population, it was decided that the UNSC must find a suitable means of settlement between the UAR and Israel. As the General Speakers’ List was established, debate began in full swing. The most prominent members of this committee in this session of the HSC would have to be the delegates of USA, Japan, USSR, and People’s Republic of China. Though these delegates were the most active participants of debate in this session, all delegates made valid and substantial contributions to committee. At this point, the HSC seems to be divided into two clear blocks; USA, France and UK vs. USSR, and PRC. With several countries still unsure about their stand, the next sessions of the HSC should provide stimulating debate and controversial solutions in committee.

Written by: Simran Singh
Edited by: Nupur Balain

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