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The delegate of Argentina called himself the delegate of Afghanistan [Archives]

Day 1 Session 2

Session 2 consisted of transitions into un-moderated caucuses to discuss solutions for the critical issues at hand, with the committee thrilled to add the Delegates of Pakistan and Afghanistan as observers.

The attitude of the delegate of the UK never failed to amuse; during the caucus, she ended her statement with an irritated ‘Thank You’ and sat back on her seat with crossed arms and rolling her eyes at incompetence of her fellows. The Delegate of Russia felt a need to repeat the statement ‘Death of the Taliban’, while snapping his fingers to provide further effect, emphasizing his determination by condemning the counter-points aimed at him with a fervent “That’s stupid!” The USA, even more riled up, responded horrified, “No! Are you mad?”

While everybody was seen to be making use of the un-moderated caucus by engaging in heated discussion and debate, the unimpressed delegate of China was a cut of intellectual above the rest, sitting in his corner and preferring reading ‘International Humanitarian Law’, over making useful points in committee.

When formal discussion rebooted, multiple cases of mistaken identity followed. The delegate of Argentina called himself the delegate of Afghanistan, and the Delegate of USA mistakenly raised Pakistan’s placard. We had Nigeria taking a nap, unfortunately disturbed by the chair who politely told him “Please wake up.” Their need for Lunch had turned them scatterbrained.

Written By: Tara and Shamini (Guest Reporter from PWS Noida)
Edited By: Dhannasika

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