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Human Rights Committee

Human Rights Committee


Day 1 Session 1
Human Rights Committee

Posted On: Friday, September 30th 2016 at 10:54AM (271 Views)
By: Reporter - Press Team (Press Team)

The United Nations Human Rights Council essentially advocates for the fundamental rights of humans across the globe. The Syrian refugee crisis bears witness to an overwhelming sum of mistreatment and misery, as they surge to seek refuge in the regions that offer them.

The first session of the UNHRC began with a basic introduction to increase the delegates' familiarity with the rules of procedure that they would abide by for the duration of the conference.

Following this was an informal session, where the delegates articulated their opinions and perspectives on the agenda, which served as a base for the multiple aspects that the agenda could branch into.

Reporter: Rakhi Kohli
Editor: Anvita Patwari

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