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Find solutions to prevent this war from ever starting! [Archives]

Day 1 Session 2

As soon as the break ended, HSC commenced in full swing. Starting with an un-moderated caucus, the second session of the first day of the PWSMUN 2014 consisted of fruitful and intense debate about the crisis at hand. In 1967, shortly after May, there was a six day war. The point of the HSC today is to find solutions to prevent this war from ever starting. Following the updates provided at the beginning of the session, we were shortly joined by the delegate of Israel, who decided to end its boycott of the UN and join the UNSC session. As the committee gained this delegate, it lost its Vice-Chair. As soon as Israel joined the committee, USA ran to its aid through the course of debate. When the delegate of India stated that “for the death of only 5 civilians, the capture of Golan Heights is too drastic a measure,” both the delegates of Israel and USA jumped into defence mode. The committee seemed like it was USA vs. everyone (besides UK, France and, now, Israel.) Several delegates seemed confused about the crisis, and many have not raised their placards yet, except for mandatory procedural voting. The delegate of Japan seemed to be obsessed with the Armistice agreement which took place in 1949. At one point in time, our beloved Chairperson was required to call upon the delegate of France a total of four times, each time louder than the last, before the delegate recognised that he was meant to speak. In all seriousness, he also called upon the fictional ‘delegate of Parliamentary Inquiry’ earning giggles from several delegates. Meanwhile, delegate of Argentina chose not to vote for his own motion much to the consternation of the Chair. This was followed by an update to the crisis that served to stir the committee further and added more to the debate points for each country. Despite these inconsistencies and hurdles, overall debate was prolific and, perhaps, the six day war will be avoided.

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