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Day 1 of the UNDP Conference began with much enthusiasm [Archives]

Day 1 Session 1

Day 1 of the UNDP Conference began with much enthusiasm from all the 32 delegates present. One could say that this was a relatively new experience for many students, as could be seen from the reactions in the first 20 minutes of the session. One could easily say that the delegates were worried about what to say in the first place.

Once the General Speaker’s List was established, things went into full swing, and the debate heated up faster than expected. Many delegates, such as the delegate of Liberia, brought some interesting and decisive facts to light.

People began bringing up many interesting questions to the agenda, discussing issues pertaining to technological advancement and industrialisations role in an economy (specifically the African economy). As discussion further progressed the delegates slowly began to understand what takes place in the United Nations Committees and the responsibilities of delegates in the umbrella agenda of ‘world peace’.

One aspect of appreciation would be the well used and apt representation of peace and unity in all of the delegates’ speeches, as the debate progressed the delegates’ speeches and understanding flared and flourished, adding flavour to the debate that was taking place.

The committee, however, retained the flavour of new beginnings, which kept the executive board and the fellow press members amused; the misconception (that is regrettably omnipresent) that Africa is a country. Despite this however, the fellow press members laud the efforts of these fledging diplomats in the making, as their eagerness to learn and work sheds positive light upon the future of our world.

Here’s looking forward to the next session!

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