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Disarmament and International Security Committee

Disarmament and International Security Committee


Day 1 Session 2
Disarmament and International Security Committee

Posted On: Friday, September 30th 2016 at 1:20PM (407 Views)
By: Reporter - Press Team (Press Team)

After an invigorating snack of mindless chatter and incessant babble, delegates returned energized, to continue their diplomatic discussions and further expand on the topic of Boko Haram. The committee picked up pace as the conversation attuned itself to more substantive topics in the General Speakers’ List. A startling revelation swept across the room, as the debate progressed to its very peak: Lobbying and improving foreign relations is not as important as addressing these acts of terrorism, which essentially distort world peace.

In a very direct attitude, the delegates upturned the fact that schools should be protected with more security, so that there will not be any threats posed by terrorist organizations, against educational institutions. It was agreed that MEDC’s should supply help to Nigeria and that its surrounding countries would eradicate terrorist organizations. The Chair handed out chocolates to the most eloquent of speakers, in an attempt to maintain the standard of intellectual debate.

In spite of the importance of issues that were being discussed, there were a number of mishaps: Some delegates were found nodding off; The delegate of Iran said, “How do you think- “causing the Chair to automatically intervene, “Refrain from using personal pronouns such as ‘you’.”

Moving for lunch, the committee swiftly accepted that moving civilians away from violence prone areas would be their first course of action, in a long list of many.

Reporter: Shaili Shukla
Editor: Saarah Khan

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