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About PWSMUN 2016

THEME - Inspiring change, Equality for all

Message from the Secretary General - PWSMUN 2015

Welcome to the Pathways World School Model United Nations website! I am Kairavi Sarup, the Secretary General of the 5th PWSMUN conference. On behalf of the secretariat, I extend my warmest greetings to you, reader.

We look forward to hosting PWSMUN at Pathways Aravali from the 1st to the 4th of October. This year's theme is 'coalescence, cohesion and cooperation', values we deem crucial to any international endeavour and MUN conference.

We live in a world where the standards for excellence are set and almost immediately surpassed. There is no dearth of talent, happiness and growth. Yet, at the same time, a haze of terror lies upon half the land and acts of unspeakable cruelty are committed every day. You, reader, are a member of us cursed few. We are the generation that lives in a global society constantly torn between these two extremes. Decisions made by a select few affect the lives of us, the masses. In many cases, governments use their own people to further their political agendas. We are manipulated to suit their needs.

I am not trying to scare you; I am merely attempting to portray the harsh reality of our society. However, there is no use in thinking that crises are all that characterize it. Peace also exists and what the UN aims to do is to eliminate conflict and retain a peaceful balance.

As delegates of an MUN conference, you are exposed to this on a deeply personal level. You not only have the opportunity to learn, you're also lucky enough to try and improve what you learn about. Even though your debate seems to have no real effect on global politics, it has profound symbolic importance. When you debate, you think. Being a conscientious citizen is one of the primary ways you can improve the world. Start observing. Start thinking. Start talking. Coalesce, cohere and cooperate. Complain about problems and use this MUN as a forum to try to resolve them and grow as citizens. You're important and it's time to learn how.

I look forward to interacting with you all during this conference.

- Kairavi Sarup
Secretary General PWSMUN 2015

Secretariat 2015

Message from the Secretary General - PWSMUN 2014

As this year's Secretary General, Kairavi Sarup, rightly declared, "Coalescence, Cohesion and Cooperation all imply 'coming together'." This statement as a whole encapsulates the very essence of the entity that is the Pathways World School MUN conference. In a world where inspiration and innovation surround us, even the slightest of actions could lead to a monumental change. Whether it's the cessation of hostilities between sworn enemies or the initiation of global disarmament, it is bound to be something that will be talked about, deliberated over, and scrutinized by the myriad of generations that are yet to arrive. PWSMUN represents the very principle of such change: unity. While I am no longer an active member of the PWSMUN core committee, I sincerely hope that all participants are able to walk away with a sense of gratitude and perspective of not only their nation, but rather, of the whole world as a single, integrated entity.

- Awinita Barpujari
Secretary General PWSMUN 2014

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